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Aaron Kyro, a professional skateboarder who has been sponsored by some of the world’s largest skateboard brands including Volcom, Real, Thunder, Bones, Swiss Bearings, and Circa shoes is here to show you the quickest and easiest way to skateboarding success - letting you in on all of his secrets that he's learned over the 24 years he's been skateboarding!
You Will Learn...
  •  Riding Basics
  •  Pushing
  •  Turning
  •  Stopping
  •  Ollies
  •  Frontside 180s
  •  Backside 180s
  •  Pop Shove-Its
  •  Heelflips
  •  Kickflips
You'll Also Learn...
...How to Start Off Skating on the Proper Foot

...The Biggest Reason Why People Give Up Skating

...The Steps to Fast Progression

...Which Tricks to Learn in What Order and Why

...How to Get Your Ollie Off The Ground
...Why Your Tricks Don't Pop

...How To Prevent 'Pop Shove-It Primo'

...How To Fully Spin a Heelfip

...How To Properly Flick Kickflips

...How To Catch Your Board on Flip Tricks
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